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Art Events 2015...

On Display at Kindred Spirits: Paintings by NYC wildlife artist Fred Adell and watercolors by local painter Mary Ann Heinzen adorn Kindred Spirits Steakhouse & Pub. Oil paintings by Joy Wolf hang in the hotel Lobby...

Live Jazz every Friday & Saturday

Performers include guitarists Rick Stone and Mike DeMicco, bassists Malcolm Cecil, Lew Scott and Ira Coleman, pianists John Esposito and Peter Tomlinson, cornetist Peter Ecklund, NYC saxophonist Al Guart and many other terrific local musicians! Guests who have sat in with us include Dave Holland, Peter Levin, Roger Kellaway and more. First set begins at 7 pm at Kindred Spirits. No cover!

Art Events 2011...

Evander String Quartet

The Lodge sponsored four talented students from the Eastman School for several weeks as they toured Greene County to perform for school children and in other public and private venues.

Art Events 2010...

An Evening of Blues

& Jazz with Vocalist

Vinnie Knight!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Shows at 7pm and 9pm

For more details click here!

Read About it in the Woodstock Times!

A Clearing in the Woods

By Arthur Laurents

Directed by Lisa Milinazzo

A team of dedicated actors from Britain and France come to the Northern Catskills to bring life to the classic 1950s script penned by the author of West Side Story, The Way We Were, Gypsy and other great Amercian plays and screenplays. It's an unforgettable tale about self-discovery and transformation that takes place in a country cottage.

Evening performances of A Clearing in the Woods will begin about dusk. Seating will be outdoors by the Red Barn on the south side of the Lodge.

Art Events 2009 . . .

Palenville First Outdoor

Sculpture Show

Invocation Ceremonies

Exhibitor Guide

In Touch With the

Spirits of the Creek

Participating Artists

Corinne Alexander, Jean Campbell, Stephen Fabrico, Adrian Frost, Rob Hervey, Sherrell Jacobson, Nicole Lemelin, Eddy Maestro, Norma Maestro, Iain Machell, Elin Menzies, Erica Potrzeba, Georges Rivenburg, Renee Samuel, Kaete B. Shaw, Robert Willasch and Matthew Zappala. Below are samples of their earlier works.

Corinne Alexander, Ghent, NY
"My newest works are large narrative sculptures that come forth from someplace within, someplace visceral and uncharted, and are only interpreted as the piece takes form, slowly coming to show the marks left by the world or days events and exhibiting a sharpness and strength in response to those forces.”

MS. Alexander studied ceramics under Roberta Griffith at Hartwick College in upstate New York. She received a BA in Art with a concentration in three mediums. She works in oils, bronze, stone, and blown glass, but always returns to clay.

Stephen Fabrico, Saugerties, NY

“This body of work has evolved over the last number of years because of my interest in abstract art, gardens and my love of working with clay.
I like use of hard edged forms with organic imagery in stacked format to create large scale totems. Many of the forms I use to make this work in clay are done with the help of found and recycled objects. Working this way gives me and ever changing inventory of objects to design sculpture with and always keeps looking for more good finds where ever I go.”

Elin Menzies, Saugerties, NY

"The inspiration for the piece presented in the show comes from recognition that the basic need for shelter is a commonality shared by all animals, including humans. The piece symbolizes a haven from the burdens and pressures that all of us suffer from in these difficult times, either individually or in a collective sense. When we turn to nature we find shelter for the soul and spirit. She sees her sculpture, Shelter, as a place where our spirits may stop to rest and join with the Spirits of the Creek."

As an artist, Elin believes art provides spiritual oxygen for earth. Her work deals with the connections between people, animals, nature and spirit. Menzies is a well known artist. She studied painting at Bennington College, the University of Hawaii and the Art Students League and sculpture at Massachusetts College of Art.

Adrian Frost, Saugerties, NY (Curator)

The Receptor

“The "The sculpture proposed is “a receptor” made of local oak saplings (12' foot circumference, 6' high). The piece will be orientated to the four directions and is a metaphoric expression of the open mind, willing to receive the knowledge of the spirits.”

Erica Potrzeba, New Baltimore, NY

“In this sculpture I am exploring a cross-section of the human female form, from both inside and out, embracing the sensual curves, and the natural mountains and valleys of a woman’s body and of the natural world. The open vessel is made to function as a planter: seeds planted in the earth sprout from the female form, growing and nurturing life from within and connecting to the earth and elements around us.”

The piece was sculpted, fired and glazed at Open Studio in Catskill, NY in January 2009.

George Rivenburg, Catskill, NY

The piece proposed reflects the process of the artist who is working in wood for two years; he is a find observer of nature and very much inspired by the wood, grain and texture of the material.

George is a special guest to the show and his work will be seen inside the Lodge.

Renee Samuels, Woodstock, NY
What I Made in the Woods an in situ project using different organic materials.

Kaete B. Shaw, High Falls, NY
Aerial Tendrils

"Aerial Tendrils represents the evolution of the forms and concepts which have been the focus of my work since the early 90’s. The modular discs for this series were originally designed as components for my rattles which were used in numerous musical performances. Each Aerial Tendril installation explores the sculptural qualities of the discs by varying their scale, stringing them together, and twining them around the branches and trunk of a tree or several trees. The colors of the handbuilt porcelain discs are inspired by nature’s palette including the Fall foliage of our region and the tropical landscape of Hawaii. Their forms are abstracted from nature’s shapes including shells, tree fungi, bones and rocks. My intention is for this series to capture the essence of a growing tendril stretching skyward towards the light while remaining anchored to the trees which are deeply rooted in the earth.”

Robert Willasch, Baltimore
Whispers from the Spirit of the Creek

"This piece is a very special instrument made from a piece of wood that was lying down in the Palenville creek. The piece will be used during the opening and will be displayed as an artefact in Adrian Frost's sculpture, The Receptor."

While at a Native American gathering 14 years ago Robert was exposed to the flute and felt its calming presents and decided to make one of his own while working on a historic boat project for Prince George County, Maryland. He is now making and teaching the making of flutes with at-risk youth in an effort to help in the re­establishment of their self-esteem.

Matthew Zappala, Saugerties, NY
Two Crows on a Triangle
Two Crows on a half triangle
Crows Talking

In his sculptures, the animated curves of the birds are juxtaposed against the geometric angles of their armatures. The artist has experimented with them on poles, triangles and squares. Their familial behaviour allowed him to create them in both single and interactive motifs. The crows are made of plywood and painted black. Set against the white walls of a gallery or in a field
they are visually provocative. For the Palenville Show, he is proposing three new projects exploring this motif.

Iain Machell, Malden-on-Hudson, NY
H.A. L.T. (Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired)

Iain is currently engaged in an investigation, through drawing and sculpture,

into the relationship between humans and the physical landscape. Many of us try to extract meaning from nature & the landscape (formal, visual, emotional, spiritual, etc.) as if we have to interpret what we see. We are wasting our time. The landscape can speak for itself.
“H.A.L.T. represents the four most common causes of emotional distress, especially in children. Of all the trees that I interviewed at the Catskill Mountain Lodge, only 12 were able to tell me why they were upset. Their responses are carved into wooden signs at their roots.”

Iain Machell teaches studio art and currently holds the position of Chair of Visual Arts, Music and Theatre at SUNY Ulster, Stone Ridge, NY.

Nicole Lemelin, Palenville, NY (Curator)
On Zephyrs of the Kaaterskill Clove

The onsite sculpture proposes to the visitor a metaphor on the transformation process of the human spirit through its journey in search of the perfect balance and the reach of its full “Potential.” To express this metaphor, the artist uses a symbolic language based on the four alchemic colours (black, white, red and yellow) and some geometric forms (the circle and the square). She also uses the numeric symbolisms of the number four (four stages of the human life) and 5 (the quintescence: the perfect balance).

Better known for her paintings, the artist is making a return to her first love, sculpture. For more than 20 years her process has involved working with dreams, symbolism and the exploration of the unconscious. This project is a new piece of the puzzle – a marker on her personal path.

Jean Campbell, Saugerties, NY
Answered Prayers

The sculpture was originally made for the 2007 Kingston Sculpture Biennial and was exhibited in the then recently closed Ulster County Jail.  The object was in a jail cell, covered with a gauze shroud and on the bed was her prayer, written repeatedly, PLEASE LET ME BE FREE, PLEASE LET ME BE FREE. PLEASE LET ME BE FREE. She was entitled "Woman in prayer". Given the fact that she is now free, the title has been change to "Answered Prayers."

Robert Hervey, Palenville, NY

" The sculpture will be made out of pine log --- 20 inches in diameter; 7.5 feet tall --- found at the foothills of the Catskill Mountains... it was standing in the steady summer rain, waiting to be carved. The preparatory drawing is inspired from the wood and reflects female and male energy."

Norma Maestro, Rosendale, NY
In the Water

Norma Maestro trained as a painter and illustrator in Florence Italy and Parsons in NYC. She is currently concentrating on large abstract installations, designed to evoke strong feelings and moods and stretch her imagination. She draws from a variety of conventional and unconventional materials and approaches, using anything from paper to egg shells to metal and petrified animals. Skilled in traditional and ‘invented’ 2D & 3D techniques, her work ranges from very simple and pure to extremely complex, mixing any number of materials and methods. She lives with her sculptor husband Ed and son Mathew.

Edward Maestro, Rosendale, NY
No Bridge No

ED Maestro, sculptor, has worked for many years with stone, wood, welded steel and found objects. His work involves reclaiming old objects – mostly rusty junk- and combining them with carved wood and other media to create texture, line and tension. He has exhibited widely in Europe, where he lived and worked for many years, as well as many major U.S. galleries.


For more information about the show, contact us by email at or by phone at (518) 678-3325.


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